Clubs & Publications

If you have children, I would strongly recommend you enroll your kids–you can do it online and it is very simple.  Go HERE to enroll in the Publix Baby club if you child is under the age of two (or if you are expecting) and HERE to register your 2-4 year old in the Publix Preschool Pals program.

Did you know that Publix has other great programs and magazine available–all for FREE!  Publix has three different magazine that they will send directly to you several times per year.  These magazines are filled with great articles, recipes and COUPONS!

Go HERE to sign up for Family Style (published 4 times per year)
Go HERE to sign up for GreenWise Market Magazine
Go HERE to access the Publix wine guide and to sign up for Grape magazine
Go HERE to sign up for the Publix Pet Program (new!)

While you can pick these magazines up in the store –sometimes the home delivered versions have coupons not available in the store version.

Publix also participates in the Upromise program.  You can go to the customer service desk and request a keycard. Register your card at UPROMISE and you  will earn money for college just by shopping! Go HERE to learn more.

The last program is the Apron’s Simple Meals Recipe Collection.  HERE you will find TONS of wonderful recipes, great information and even videos!

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