Walgreens FAQ’s

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Walgreens is really not that difficult to master.  There are a few tips that you want to keep in mind when shopping at Walgreens.

Walgreens has an incentive  program called Register Rewards (RR).  Register Rewards are a type of coupon that print when you purchase specific items that are designated in the weekly ad. You use Register Rewards like cash on any subsequent transaction. Be careful as Register Rewards have a short expiration date– make sure to note the expiry and be sure to use them before that date!   You can use manufacturer coupons to reduce the cost of an item and still earn the Register Reward! 

Often Walgreens offers items that will are FREE after Register Rewards.  So if you use a manufacturer coupon to reduce the cost of the item that is FREE after RR…you have just made money!  A BIG thing to remember about Register Reward items is that only one Register Reward per offer will print in each transaction you do.  So if you want to get multiples of the same item and earn Register Rewards– you MUST to do multiple transactions. You can get multiple RR’s in one transaction but ONLY if they are different deals or offers. 


St Ives Body Wash is on sale for $2.99 and earns a $2.99 Register Reward
Skippy PB is on sale for $2 each and you get $8 in Register Rewards when you purchase 8 jars of PB. 

You can purchase one St Ives and 8 jars of Skippy in one transaction and you will get two different Register Rewards –one for $2.99 and one for $8. 

If you purchase TWO St Ives in one transaction you will only get ONE $2.99 Register Reward. So make sure you purchase each RR deal at one per transaction


Another big thing to remember is that Register Rewards CANNOT be used to pay for another of the same item or you will NOT get a new Register Reward.  Let’s use the St Ives as an example.  If I have a $2.99 RR from purchasing  St Ives–I CANNOT turn around and do another transaction buying another St Ives and then use my $2.99 RR to pay for the 2nd St Ives or my new RR will not print.  You can use RR’s as payment but they must be from a different deal–some people call this rolling.  You roll or alternate one RR deal into another RR deal and repeat.


 Maxwell House is printing $3.00 Register Rewards and St Ives is printing $2.99 Register Rewards:

I purchase a Maxwell House–I can use the St Ives Register Reward to pay and I will then get a RR for $3.00 for purchasing the Maxwell House.
I can turn around and buy a St Ives and use the Maxwell House $3.00 Register Reward (include a  small filler as the Register Reward is more than the cost of the item) and earn a $2.99 Register Reward  for the St Ives—repeat….

Walgreens also put store coupons in their weekly ads. You will see them in various spots throughout the weekly ad.  You MUST use these coupons to get the discounted deal printed.  Although some cashiers do not care if you cut the coupon or just show them the coupon in the ad–I have forgot to use those pesky coupons before –so now I always cut them and present them like any other coupon at check out.  You can use manufacturer coupons in addition to the store coupon from the ad.  Make sure to present your MQ’s first BEFORE you present the 7 day in ad coupons.  If there is a situation where the combination of a MQ and a store Q will result in overage –using the store coupon first will cause the register to beep and disallow the use of the MQ to allow overage!

Another biggie to remember when shopping at Walgreens is that you MUST have at least the same number of items as you have manufacturer coupons.  So if you have 5 manufacturer coupons –you must have 5 or more items or the register will beep and not allow all of your coupons. Register Rewards are considered MQ’s so you must take those into consideration when doing your item count.  If you are buying a St Ives Body Wash and have a St Ives MQ AND plan on using a RR as payment —you must throw in another item (filler) so that your coupon to item count is equal!  The store coupons from the ad are not MQ’s so they are not counted when you look at coupon to item count!  Walgreens registers can be very persnickety –so make sure you go in with a plan!  If coupons beep at the register MANY cashiers will just say you are out of luck and will not push through any coupon that beeps!

If you remember all these tips–you will be a pro at Walgreens in no time!

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