Rite Aid FAQ’s

rite aid

Rite Aid is probably the simplest drugstore program as they offer a program called Single Check Rebates. 

All you do is purchase  designated product(s) that qualify for a rebate. You enter information from your receipt into their submission system online and they will send you a rebate check!  It is really that simple. 

There are a few hints to make sure you get the most from the Single Check Rebate (SRC) program.

  • You can use manufacturer coupons to reduce the cost of a rebate item–you will still get the full rebate amount offered.
  • Rite Aid’s SCR program is monthly –each month’s rebate cycle runs from the Sunday closest to the beginning of a month through the last Saturday of the month.
  • There may be some items where you must purchase the items within a specific time frame within the month to qualify for the rebate.  Make sure you read all the information to avoid missing an item’s purchase date.
  • Use the weekly ad to help you determine the best time to buy the rebate items.  Each week of the rebate cycle the weekly ad will detail sale items that correspond with the SCR program.  It is during this time–when the SCR items are on sale and you use manufacturer coupons to further reduce the cost — when you can start getting items for free or super cheap! 
  • You will have to register at RiteAid.com to begin the Single Check Rebate process.  It is very quick and simple.
  • Once you are set up–you will be able to enter your receipt information for the rebate items you purchased.
  • You can enter receipt information at any time throughout the rebate month and for a designated time after the rebate period has ended (all submission deadlines will be listed online) IMPORTANT —although you can input receipt info throughout the month…you can only submit a request for a single check rebate ONCE…so make sure you have entered all your receipts for the entire month before you submit for a rebate check!!!
  • Using Rite Aid coupons such as a $5/25 will help reduce your OOP.  The goal is to pay the least amount of money OOP while earning the biggest SCR possible. 

If you spend a little time looking at the SCR directory and weekly ads you will be able to get many products for little to nothing OOP. If you have any questions let me know!

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