Publix FAQ’s

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The following are general guidelines regarding Publix policy.  If there is any doubt, please speak with your store for clarification. Different regions will vary in policy and procedure. 

  • Publix allows the use of one manufacturer coupon AND one store coupon per item purchased.  This applies to BOGO items as well.


  • Publix accepts competitor coupons. Check with your store to confirm who they consider their competitor.


  • Publix doubles coupons up to and including $0.50.  There are no limits to the number of coupons that will double. Only manufacturer coupons will double.  Store and competitor coupons will not double. This policy does not apply to Florida—coupons do not double in Florida


  • Publix does not accept expired coupons.


  • The Publix Promise guarantees that if during checkout, the scanned price of an item (excluding alcohol and tobacco products) exceeds the shelf price or advertised price, they will give the customer one of that item free. The remaining items will be charged at the lower price.


  • Publix does accept internet printables (IP’s). Many Publix will not accept IP’s for free items or IP’s over $5 in value.


  • Publix does not limit the number of coupons that can be used per transaction—BUT …after a $50 coupon threshold has been reached, a manager override will be necessary for any additional coupons to be accepted.


  • Publix registers also require that the number of coupons and items purchased be equivalent.  If you have more coupons than items, a manger override will be required.


  • During a BOGO sale, you do not have to purchase two items to receive the discount.  BOGO items each ring ½ of the regular price.  This is not true in Florida—you must purchase both items as the 1st item rings at full price and the 2nd item rings at zero ($0)


  • Publix will gladly give a rain check for any sale item that is not in stock. Some stores will only write RC’s for items in the weekly sales flyer not the Advantage Buy Flyers


  • The penny item coupon is valid for use on Sunday and/or Monday.  The actual coupon can be found in the ad located in the Sunday paper (usually on the front cover).  Florida does not participate in the penny item promotion.


      Publix has excellent customer service and strives for complete customer satisfaction.  Being responsible and using coupons appropriately ensures that Publix remains coupon friendly. Some people will say that “flying under the radar” is the best practice.  Being 20-30 minutes from the closest store and having two toddlers does not make that a possibility for me!  I recommend establishing a rapport with your store staff, asking questions if there is ever a doubt about policy and being an honest couponer. This will help to ensure your shopping is a pleasure

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