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Laundry is not the highlight of my day but with two messy boys it’s pretty much an every day occurrence here at my house. I found out very early on that there is a big difference in the how laundry detergent affects my skin and how it affects my boys’ skin. Both of my boys were extremely sensitive to the additives in my usual detergent. After a trip to the pediatrician, I found that I would have to use a gentle detergent to make sure that my kid’s skin would stay healthy. That’s when I found out about Dreft.

Dreft is the baby laundry detergent most recommended by pediatricians and the brand that parents have trusted for over 75 years to leave their little one’s clothes and linens soft and comfortable. As gentle as water on baby’s skin and specially formulated for the unique needs of baby items, parents have relied on Dreft to not only help prepare their little one’s essentials before their arrival, but also to keep those items clean and safe once they’re brought home from the hospital. Complete with a scent that’s truly beloved by parents (that’s also gentle for baby), Dreft leaves little one’s clothing as clean and as soft as can be, bringing cuddle time to a whole new level of warm and fuzzy.

My Jeb-a-doo is extremely prone to developing eczema on his upper arms so a gentle detergent is a must in my house. I love that Dreft cleans up all his big messes while making sure his skin is not irritated.

I have 9 sample packs of Dreft for one I Heart Saving Money reader.

Entry is simple…you just need to complete the task below! You can gain a bonus entry as well (just make sure that you leave one entry for each one — up to a total of 2 comments.) As a reminder, comments left on Facebook, Twitter or other posts will not be included.  I will choose the winner on 6/30 at 11 pm.


  • Tell me how many loads of laundry you do in a week.


  • Check out Dreft’s Royal Baby Fever on Facebook.

Disclosure: I was provided sample packs and a gift card to assist in my review of the product. All comments and opinions are my own.


  1. Kathy says

    Two little boys, I do a load a day. That would be 7!
    They are a blessing, some Dreft would also be a blessing…..

  2. Patricia says

    I do about ten loads of laundry a week. I usually try to do at least one load a day so it doesn’t pile up.

  3. Teri says

    I try very hard to conserve water usage, as I live in FLA. Water tables fluctuate with our rain levels here. I usually can get by with two loads a week. One load for towels and linens, and one for clothes. I do hand wash lingerie, most shirts and sleepwear.

  4. Jenn McClearn says

    I do about 6 loads of laundry per week, 2-3 for me and hubby, 1 for the boys and 2-3 for the cloth diapers :)

  5. Sara Floyd says

    I like Dreft on facebook and I picked the name Diana for a girl (which I think it is!)

  6. Livivua Chandler says

    i do six a week – 3 loads of colors and one load of whites and two loads of towels

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