Best Buy – Coupon To Recycle Printer?

I was just going through my inbox when I noticed something interesting!!

I recieved an email from Best Buy letting me know that I could save $40 on the Kodak ESP 5250 wireless multifunction printer. Plus, get a coupon for an additional $50 off when you bring an old printer to any Best Buy store to be recycled!

I am not sure if the $50 coupon can be used on any printer BUT if you have an old printer hanging around it might be worth calling to check it out.  The Kodak was $109 online so that would make it $59 after the coupon.  I bet there are cheaper printers…so if you are in the market for a printer you might want to call.


  1. DeeDee says

    My sale ad stated that the printer purchased needed to be priced at $299 originally. Still a decent deal, but not a super duper steal.

  2. Marie says

    My Staples ad has a similar deal for HP but it does have to be on a printer $299 or more on inkjet printers and then just says on select laser printers. I am trying to find a laser printer to help cut down the cost on ink. I do actually have an old printer I can get rid of. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good printer. Does anyone know what else I need to buy when purchasing a laser printer (toner or anything)?

  3. Sherry says

    From the web site: Receive a $50 Kodak Printer Coupon-
    For a limited time, get a $50 coupon toward the purchase of a new ESP KODAK All-in-One Printer (ESP 5, 5250, 7, 7250, 9 or 9250), when you recycle your old printer at any Best Buy U.S. store.

    I will never ever buy another HP printer again. I have made this mistake twice because it is readily available for purchase at Walmart and other retailers. However, the print quality is relatively horrible compared to Brother and Canon printers. Also, ink cartridges are relatively expensive and don’t last as long as other brands. I now have a wireless Canon Pixma and absolutely love it. It has an additional place to insert paper in the back, which is really handy because I can choose to print from either feeder. I print coupons 3 to a page and now I have reposition the paper and put it on the rear feeder instead of opening up the main paper holder. Also, replacement ink cartridges on ebay are cheap for most other printers except HP. My friend has a wireless Brother printer that also works really well for coupons and her ebay ink replacement cartridges are really really cheap (like less than $30 for probably 6 months worth of ink in color.) Stear clear of HP printers!!! You’ll be better off in the long run.

  4. JEWEL says

    I saw an ad on the Best Buy Website for $50 Rebate if you brought in your old printer. I called Best Buy in Meyerland Plaza in Houston,Tx and they said I needed to bring in a Coupon for this and to go to for the coupon. said this was a Best Buy deal and to get it from Best Buy.
    I then called the Best Buy at the Galleria Store, 5133 Richmond. After about 2o minutes of waiting on the phone,I was told that they had the coupons for this rebate, but it could be used only on the Kodak All-in-one Models #ESP 3250, 7250 or 9250. They did not have any of the ESP 3250 printers,which were on sale for $69.99, Reg. Price $99. However, this same printer, Kodak ESP 3250, is at Walmart, regular price of $59.00. The ESP 7250 cost $179.99 and the ESP 9250 cost $249. This was not a good deal for me.

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