Kroger Milk $1.88 Per Gallon Through 4/25

I am not sure if this is everywhere but I just saw a commercial for 3 day milk sale at Kroger!  They have one gallon jugs of milk for $1.88!  That is the lowest price I have seen in quite a while! 

I am in Metro Atlanta…call to confirm your store is participating!


  1. Katie says

    although this is a good deal Aldi regular has the milk for $1.79 in the atlanta area but if you dont have one close or dont want the extra stop then this is a good buy

  2. Jo says

    I can confirm that it was $1.88 at my Kroger in Acworth, GA. But I agree with Katie…Aldi had it for $1.79 so that was even better!

  3. colleen says

    Wow! I wish I lived somewhere where milk was that cheap!! Aldi and the warehouse stores are the only places around here with prices under 3 bucks!! I usually just get my milk in the overages from PUBLIX!!

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