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I have some FANTASTIC news for you folks in areas where there is a Publix and a Walgreens.  Remember I told you yesterday that Walgreens is price matching when you bring in a competitor ad.  Well–I told you that Kerry tried to see if the price modification would allow the RR to print.  She was unsuccessful at her 1st store…well– there must have been an issue with that specific catalina machine because it is now working here in Georgia and Florida. Want a fantastic money making scenario??

Publix has Theraflu on sale 2/$7–Walgreens will price match:

Buy 3 Theraflu
Use a $3/2 from 10/18/09 SS
Use a $1.50/1 from 10-18-09 SS
Use the $2/1 Walgreens coupon from Healthy Saving Booklet
Kerry paid $o OOP and I paid .63¢ (tax here in GA) and we each EARNED an $8 Register Reward per transaction!  BIG MONEY MAKER!!

I can’t guarantee that all stores are price matching…but based on my experience–it certainly will not hurt to ask :-)



  1. says

    Now that is what I call a SWEET deal! I just got my Theraflu coupons today and was ready to head to Publix to put them to work but I may have to try this out…although, the last time I went to Walgreens they told me that my RRs weren’t printing because I had used coupons on items that made them FREE and that they weren’t going to give me the item FREE and RR. With items still being FREE I may still try it at the other Walgreens to see if I’m told the same.


    Reaping In Abundance,

  2. jamie says

    Does anyone know if this is working in Fl. I called my local store in Ocala and was told they knew nothing of price matching. I will try to call other stores.

  3. Mary A. says

    The last time they had a Theraflu deal and the Theraflu was free the RR’s didn’t print either. The manager told me it was because the Theraflu was on sale and I was using coupons. I didn’t believe her. I asked her to void the transaction and return my coupons. I went to another Walgreens and the same thing happened. I asked the Manager if he could please void the transaction and put the MQ in first, then the Walgreens coupons because I noticed at both stores they were doing it the other way and sometimes the registers act funny. He was kind enough to do it and it worked. I paid nothing, not even tax. I also got the 4 RR’s I was supposed to get. Even the manager was surprised. Could have been a coincidence, I don’t know.

  4. Dawn says

    I am in Orlando and I price matched wipe refills at Walgreen yesterday with Target $5.50 and then tried to use walgreen store coupon $2 off and they said they already used it when they matched it or something. Can you not use matching and then coupons?? Also I have been told that I can only use one RR at a time even if i have more items then coupons.

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